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We can Help You

From minor mishaps to major catastrophes, our team is ready to handle your claim. Our streamlined process makes it easy to report a claim and get it resolved in a timely manner.

how to Report a Claim

When we say we’re here for you, we really mean it. Our service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your call.

Homeowner Claims

(877) 234-4401


Hawaii Homeowner Claims

(866) 789-4228

Flood Claims

(888) 481-1141
If you have a separate flood policy with Centauri, you may also visit Manage My Flood Policy to file a Notice of Loss or review your policy documents.

Business Owners/Commercial Claims

You may also access your policy and file a claim online at Manage My Commercial Policy.

Our Claims Process

Customer service is our top priority. We handle each claim in a timely manner and work with you every step of the way. Each claim is different, but our process is straightforward. We understand that dealing with a loss can be a stressful experience. Our team is dedicated to making the claims process simple and swift. Here’s what you can expect from Centauri’s simple claims process:

1. Reporting the Loss

An insurance claim can first be reported by:

If you have a separate flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), please call 888.481.1141 to report your flood claim and file your Notice of Loss.

If you need us to arrange mitigation services, particularly if you sustained a fire or water loss, we’re happy to help. We maintain partnerships with expert mitigation companies in your area that have been vetted for the quality of their work and their communication with customers. 

2. Assessing the Loss

After your claim is reported, one of our claims professionals will contact you to learn how the loss occurred and what damages were sustained.

This information is important in helping us to understand the cause of loss and resulting damage when properly applying the coverages available under your policy for the loss. It also lets us know what help you may need. For example, you may need assistance finding temporary housing if a large loss has rendered your home temporarily unlivable.

3. Inspecting the Damages

In most cases, an in-person inspection of the damages will be needed in order to resolve your claim. We have field professionals in your area who will inspect the damages to your home and contents, document the damages with photos, and prepare a repair estimate based on the inspection.  

4. Payment of the Claim

The claim professional will compare the results of the field inspection to the terms of your policy. They will explain the basis of any payment due under the policy, and provide you with a copy of the estimate.  

5. Repairing the Damages

Damages will be repaired by a contractor(s) of your choice. It is important to provide them with a copy of our estimate. If they identify additional damages or work to be done, they can contact us so we can perform an additional review.   

This is an outline of Centauri’s claims process and is for informational purposes only. Your claim process may be different based on the unique characteristics of your loss. Please refer to your policy contract for coverages, conditions and exclusions.

When a Loss Occurs

The process to get back to where you were before a loss can take some time, but our goal is to help you get there as swiftly as possible. When a loss occurs, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Use this guide to learn how to protect your family and your property after a disaster.

Safety First

Safety is your number one priority. Take the following steps in the event of a loss:

  • Ensure your safety. Do not risk your safety in a home that has been extensively damaged.
  • Dial 9-1-1 in the event of a fire, theft, burglary or vandalism.
  • Report the claim to us. If you have water damage, we can provide you with information on water mitigation specialists in your geographic area.
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent further damage.
  • If there is water in your home, take steps to remove the water and keep your items dry.
  • Take small/portable valuables to a safe place.
  • Do not discard damaged items before speaking with the Centauri representative handling your claim.
  • Retain bills and receipts from repairs.

Report a Claim

When you are ready to report a claim, contact our claims representatives who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Repairing Damage

Our team will work with you to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your loss. Once repairs are underway, we help to ensure your property is properly restored so your life can return to normal. Whether you perform the repairs yourself or choose to hire a contractor, be sure you pick the best option to ensure your property is restored.

Once repairs are underway, your contractor may find additional items that need to be repaired. If this happens, your contractor should contact your claims representative directly to discuss next steps, which may include another inspection.