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Centauri thinks big when giving agents the tools needed for success. We offer a streamlined process, a full range of products, excellent customer service as well as attractive incentives and compensation.

Why Become a Centauri Agent?

Centauri Insurance makes it easy for agents to succeed with a full range of products, exceptional service and attractive incentive programs. We’re invested in your success.

Financial Strength

Prudent reinsurance, along with conservative underwriting and risk management, are our hallmarks. We follow a conservative fiscal philosophy to ensure we have the reserves to pay claims now and in the future.

Expanding Products

We enter markets with a full suite of homeowners insurance products and work closely with local agents to determine additional coverage and service needs.

Agent-friendly Technology

Our web-based systems are easy to use and convenient, saving our agents time while increasing productivity. Agency Download is also available.

Marketing Materials

At Centauri Insurance, we’re passionate about your progress. And, we’ve put some thought into how to help you succeed. Our professional marketing materials help your customers know you’ve selected an exemplary carrier to ensure what they value is protected. Click each thumbnail for download.

Want to co-brand with Centauri? We can help!

To customize any of our marketing materials below for co-branding and mailing, please email your request to our Marketing & Advertising Coordinator at


Strategy: Diversified Reinsurance

Reinsurance placement is a critical component of Centauri Insurance’s financial stability. Our reinsurance program strategically spreads exposure among highly-rated, highly-capitalized reinsurers around the globe. Of these, all are rated B++ (Good) or better by A.M. Best, AA- by Standard and Poor’s or are fully collateralized.

Centauri purchases reinsurance well beyond accepted minimums and under a structure that provides blanket, rather than finite, coverage. As a result, Centauri is able to limit the losses incurred for any one event, reducing the impact to our surplus for any single event.

This diversified, conservative approach ensures policyholders are always well protected.

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