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summer home mainteance

Summer Home Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

It’s summertime! Tis the season for backyard barbecues, picnics, swimming or just relaxing on your patio. It’s also the time for extreme temperatures, blazing sunshine and rain showers which can all do a duty on your home. Be sure to take a little time to be ensure your home stays in tip-top shape both inside and outside with these simple home maintenance tips:

Rusty Swing

  1. Inspect your outdoor play equipment and be sure everything is safe, secure and sturdy. Repair any rusty bolts or sharp edges that could result in injury.
  2. Make sure your grill is barbecue-ready!
    Empty and clean charcoal grills. Turn up the heat and close the lid on your gas grill to burn off any residue. Once the gas grill cools, brush the grill, clean out drip trays and wipe the outside clean.
  3. Inspect your deck and wood fence for loose nails or boards. Check for rotting and see if they need to be resealed.
  4. Wash your porch and remove any embedded dirt.
  5. Touch up your outdoor paint if necessary and repair any loose siding.
  6. Pressure wash your home, driveway and sidewalks to make them sparkle and get rid of any mold.
  7. Wash your windows and lanai screens. Replace any damaged screens and repair any windows that have damage.
  8. Add a fresh layer of mulch to prevent creeping weeds and help your plants retain moisture.
  9. Clean your pool and filter. Check for any potential leaks or cracks.
  10. Check for leaks in outdoor faucets, hoses and sprinklers. Even a tiny leak can do damage on your monthly water bill.
  11. Make sure your home isn’t vulnerable to unwanted guests. Pests and critters can find their way into your home through holes, trash bins, yard debris, uncaulked windows and doors, standing water and even tree branches that are too close to your attic.
12.    Clean out the gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage to your home.
13.    Repair any cracks or holes in your driveway, sidewalks or steps.
14.    Trim your bushes and plants especially those that are close to your house or AC unit.
15.    Consider a roof inspection to check for any potential areas at risk for leaking.
1.    Test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if needed.
2.    Be sure your cooling system has been serviced and is working properly. Change the filter in your air conditioner.
3.    Check all electrical cords and outlets for potential fire hazards. Repair any frayed wires or loose-fitting plugs. Be sure electrical outlets, fuse boxes and extension cords are not overloaded.
4.    Check your toilets for leaks and be sure all parts are working properly. A toilet leak can result in thousands of dollars in damage to your home.
5.    Inspect washing machine hoses. Replace any that show signs of cracking, wear or leakage.
6.    Get your chimney cleaned.
7.    Clean bathroom drains and showerheads.
8.    Clean ceiling fan blades and be sure they are spinning counterclockwise pushing the cool air down.
9.    Wipe away dust and grime from your baseboards, interior doors and cabinets.
10.    Check your attic and basement for leaks, mildew, dampness and even unwanted pests.
11.    Clean the vents of your bathroom fans and exhaust.

12.    Clean your dryer vent and exhaust duct. Dryers that aren’t maintained and cleaned can be a dangerous fire hazard.

If you do find damage, make any necessary repairs as soon as possible to mitigate further costly damage and keep your family safe. You’ll be glad that you did. Taking the time now to ensure that your home is properly maintained will give you peace of mind so that you and your family can enjoy a worry-free summer season.

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