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The Value of Insurance Agent Advisory Councils

Earlier today, I had the privilege of attending Centauri Insurance’s Agent Advisory Council meeting held at near their corporate office in Sarasota, FL.  

The mission of their Agency Advisory Council is to create a business partnership in an atmosphere of trust, professionalism and integrity to accomplish our mutual goals. 

Regency Insurance Group was selected to be on their council based on our great partnership with Centauri.

What I love about working with Centauri is that through this council, they provide an opportunity for independent insurance agents like us to voice our opinions. In fact, on their website they state: “Centauri Insurance is invested in developing strategic alliances with our agents and helping their business succeed. Every year our Agency Advisory Council provides important feedback on operations, marketing and more, helping to save time and increase productivity.”  

The fact that they have this meeting is very meaningful to us as an agency because they value our feedback and look to us to navigate big decisions that they have on the horizon. Very exciting stuff. 

As an insurance consumer, why should you care about this? Because in the same way a wise general listens to his soldiers, a wise insurance carrier listens to its agents. 

Centauri Insurance trusts us and others like us to be their “boots on the ground” and relay feedback on their products and service from customers like you! 

If you’re happy with their service, we let them know. On the other hand if you find one of their processes (such as claims) to be aggravating, we offer them constructive criticism.  

Your opinion matters to them which is why we recommend them highly for home insurance in Tampa, Fort Myers and beyond.

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